Breakout Group: Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning

How do I support EF in the classroom?

Executive Functioning Assessment- This Executive Function Assessment outlines the conditions under which one can learn. Teachers and students may utilize this assessment as a self-reflection tool for their own skill development or may also use it as an assessment instrument to determine their students’ level of Executive Function.  

Student Reflection Journal- Use this reflection journal as a reflection tool at the end of a lesson and for students to plan the first thing that they will work on the following day.

Executive Functioning for Kids-  Watch this video and share it with your students. Continue to look for ways to talk about the brain and brain research with your students!

Layered Discussions- Read through a few student-led discussion protools and bring it back to your classroom.

Socratic Seminar- How often do you allow students to lead classroom discussions? Authentic student led discussions can promote organizational and self regulatory executive function experience.  Use these directions and plan for a socratic seminar in your class.  Allow students to lead the conversation and you, as the teacher, will help facilitate.

Building Executive Functioning in the Classroom- Reflect on your classroom and how these strategies are being met and implemented.  Pick a strategy that you would like to focus on implementing further and begin to plan ways in which this can be enriched.

EF Resources:

The Key to Success? Grit Video - Angela Ducksworth explains her theory of grit as a predictor of success.

Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning - Watch this video from Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child on executive function.

The Cocktail Party Problem- Read this article from the Source for Neuroscience and get a better understanding how the brain filters and separates out unwanted noise and distractions.

4 AR Tools to Build Executive Functioning and Engagement- This article gives insight and specific tools that can be utilized in the classroom to support and strengthen students’ Executive Function.