Welcome to the online hub for the Innovative Teaching Co-op!

Resources for 6/13 event at Readworks

Who is this site for?
  • Attendees of our monthly meetups can easily navigate to the resources they will explore during each month's event. Use the left sidebar to find your online resources for this month's event!
  • All teachers can freely access our resources at any time.
What is the Innovative Teaching Co-op?

The Innovative Teaching Co-op Monthly Meetup is a free event series in which educators will have the opportunity to collaborate around great teaching and the sophisticated use of digital resources to innovate our schools and prepare students for success. Instructional Technology Coaches from Educate will be on hand to facilitate conversation, provide resources, and share best practices.

How do I participate in the Innovative Teaching Co-op?
  1. Join the Innovative Teaching Co-op Facebook Group – Join us on Facebook to discuss challenges and successes, or just talk about your day. Meet other teachers virtually, grow your network, and get invited to exclusive events.
  2. Subscribe to the Innovative Teaching Newsletter – Once a month, you will receive an email with recent Educate blogs on instructional best practices, tips for leveraging tech in your class, and upcoming professional development opportunities.
  3. The Innovative Teaching Co-op Monthly Meetup – Every month starting in November, we will be traveling to exciting spaces in NYC. We will honor what worked best in our previous events – a laid-back atmosphere, informal learning, food/drink, and always leaving with a next step for your classroom.
Check out Edsurge's article on our events from last year at Google NYC!
A free salmon or chicken dinner in a buffet spread is something most public K-12 teachers will not see in their schools’ lounges, but Google’s cooking up a different type of professional development for educators in New York City.The tech giant…
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