The Innovative Teaching Co-op

A community for educators who are passionate about transforming education.

Your People Are Here

The Innovative Teaching Co-op is a vibrant community designed for educators, school leaders, and all who empower our youth. It was formed in 2016, when the coaches at Educate LLC realized that educators needed a place to gather and unwind after work. The community grew quickly through meetups, webinars, and an occasional glass of wine with a fellow educator. It had become a safe space to "talk shop" and exchange innovative ideas. The ITC continues to be a place where relationships are built and open collaboration happens across distances.  

At Educate, our mission is to give students and teachers the meaningful and relevant learning experiences they deserve. We inspire school communities to innovate instruction and harness leading-edge technology while nurturing students to be future-ready. Together, we will promote access and equity for all students, deepen their critical-thinking skills, and unleash the love of learning. 

Let’s not do it alone. 

Let’s work together, and be together, so that together we can bring the greatest success to our students.

Why you shouldn't do it alone

We are all looking to make a difference in our classrooms - to better our practice, to change the lives of our students, to innovate our schools. We can't do this alone. Instead, we must take every opportunity we get to work together and support one another in this big, messy job we call "teaching".

As part of this community, you will get the support you deserve and also be the first to know about our other offerings, like our monthly meetups and our virtual courses. You are free to use the ITC in whatever way works best: gather resources, tell your story, ask your questions, or simply talk about your day. We promise to be here for you with an ear to listen and a toolbox full of new ideas.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.      

 Ryunosuke Satoro

A Big Thanks

This community would not be possible without the educators living within its walls. We are truly grateful for the time and energy you dedicate to transforming education.